The Truth Is Out There

The final issue.

The final episode.

The final.



“Final” is such an odd word to look at.

As is “fin”: how French-speaking individuals denote that swimming animals have junk in the trunk; i.e., “My word. Look at that fishs’ fin.”

Or, a rudder in the aft.

Or, you know, that it’s over.

In this case, for Michael Holt.

That is, until the Futures End…

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[If you are all of the way down here, then you are a fan of addendums. That being the case, the host was fully aware of the “X-Files” send-up that the title of this particular issue put on display. Was it worth pointing out, within the episode itself? Sure. Was it done? No. Did you enjoy the episode, as well as the show, in its’ entirety? Hopefully, more often than not. Good journey, be well and, above all, keep thinking.]


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